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Sickness and diseases are what we daily live with. Well, I do not know which kill more people: war or sickness and diseases. We daily live with hurt and cheat that demeans and tramples upon our personality.

Some lives through these but many are destroy all the way because they failed to be healed. This is the more reason you just have to read through. This hallway of healing is filled with human wrecks. I believe you should not be a victim but victor.

Healing is a process. I must not fail to mention that God is alive and working miracles. I believe in miracle. Healing happens instantaneously when God intervenes.
There are times you have to live with the process of healing. Healing comes through various process. Medical, nature, physiotherapy,acupuncture,paramedical,traditional healing as in Nigeria context (these are native healer who use unorthodox method).

The first process of healing is the Willingness to be healed. There are people with sickness and die eases who enjoy it because they somehow derive pleasure in it and the people who runs around at their becks and call. These set of people may not easily get healed as long as they enjoy their status

Approach the right means of assess to medication and healing.Approaching the wrong means is one of the greatest source of prolong sickness and diseases.
There are times when patient approach some sources that are unorthodox and they end up with complications which may eventually ends up in death.

Fake drugs and maladministration. Michael Jackson case is a good example.  Fake drugs is common in developing countries and third world  countries.while abuse of prescription drugs and OTC is the problem in developed world.

Have a health insurance scheme if you have assess to one. It is very important.

 Willingness to live. The will to live may see any deadliest disease go . Chose to live and you will live.

Forgiveness. Unforgiven spirit can kill  faster than cancer or Ebola virus avian flu, swine flu etc.
These may help you live through one of the most difficult part of life which is living through sickness and diseases.    

Self medication and unrestricted use of over the counter drugs.(OTC).

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